Introduction - Janie Ryan

I am a Spiritualist Medium and have been practising Mediumship for approximately 12 years. I began my journey of development in the Reading Spritualist Church where I met many interesting and friendly people. I joined a development circle after a time and began the slow but rewarding pathway of Mediumship. After a few years I developed to a degree to be able to demonstrate in many of the Churches in the South of England and along that pathway learnt a great deal from people from all walks of life. I think the most significant thing I have learnt is, that every single person has many different qualities to give and in the Spiritual Movement there is no right or no wrong way to be. What might be the best for one isn't necessarily right for another and the beauty of the Movement is that no-one judges another.

I have an ever increasing family, with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I love nothing more than having all the family together. I am a qualified beautician but have just recently given it all up to concentrate on my Spiritual work. I spend my time between my family and working for spirit. Along with my husband Patrick, we regularly hold demonstrations of Clairvoyance and Trance Mediumship and also give Private Readings to those who prefer a one-to one. We sometimes find that we have been contacted to visit homes of people who feel that they are aware of Energy. We have had some interesting experiences in these situations and have been fortunate enough to be able to move the troubled Energies into the light. As always with working with spirit, there are never any guarantees of who will come through to communicate and just like us, they have free will. I always say that each time I work is an experiment and as I put myself forward as the channel to be used I ask for my Guides and Helpers to come close to help me.

If you would like a reading to hear from loved ones whether in person, on-line or by post, a group demonstration of clairvoyance and trance, healing, guidance, development circle experience I would be glad to hear from you.

call Janie on 07778354271


  • CLAIRVOYANCE & TRANCE (Public/Group demonstrations)

Private sittings important notice. Private sittings are not for fortune telling but are experimental sessions to provide evidence of survival. No particular contact can be guaranteed. Please do not book a private sitting if you cannot accept this basis. Thank you.



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