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 Ghost Tours and Investigations Readings

Henley Ghost Tours was established in 2006 and offers ghost tours around the Oxfordshire area and Investigations New  go to Henleyghosttours on facebook    


If you live in the Oxfordshire or Berkshire area and have experienced any paranormal activity and you would like our team to help you please call us. In some cases there might  be a charge for this service. Contact numbers David on 07836 202508                                                                                                                                                             

Our spiritual mediums are available for one to one readings by appointment. Call Janie on 07778354271 for reading over phone. Please mention Henley Ghost Tours when booking. This is for readings only.

                      NO TOURS RUNNING AT THIS TIME                             enquiries welcome about readings, tours or ghostly hauntings drop me an email or call me on 07836202508.                                                           

Night tours include support from our associate spiritual mediums.

A Late night walking tour along one of Henley's notorious old all coaching routes where a ghostly horse and carriage has been heard clattering along the track. Highwaymen, common thieves and murderers once prowled the woodland path making it a angerous place in the 15th century. The path dates back 2000 years to early Celtic Britons followed by Romans, Pagan Saxons and Christian Celts.

Over 50% of tour visitors talk about the walk of 'The Old Coach Route'

You may be left with more questions than answers, 'We know we believe but we just want more definite proof to believe even more' Dave 'It was just fantastic...and everyone was lovely' best tour I've been on, Toast, Really enjoyed it...Will and James,

Previous tours have experienced extreme cold spots, a crying noise 'mummy', spooky laughter, sensation of being touched, orbs and spirit lights, high E.M.F readings coinside with orb activity, the feeling of being watched, a wall that pulls some people to it like amagnet.


We are so busy going somewhere that we sometimes forget where we came from

Imagine if you can,returning to the real world of our ancestors. A world of quiet, almost silence, of bird song wind in the trees and running waters.

Imagine a different landscape in a different time, a time when narrow lanes, tracks and waterways were our means of travel overhung by wayside fruits to sustain us on our way and refreshment that came from the pure waters of a crystal stream.

Imagine yourself back in a secret and ancient landscape where stone circles still exist and mystic lay lines discernable still provide channels for your thoughts.

Come if you will to the real world.

A valley where nature still holds sway silence, still reigns where the old ways of our ancestors will always be remembered. Come to the lost villages of Oxfordshire.

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